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Finally there is a company in Calgary that can do it all – If you have multiple construction sites on the go, you will know how difficult it can be to coordinate a photographer or videographer to get all of the footage you need when you need it. At OTBx Air, we make the process simple. We are the best photography and videography company in Calgary, Alberta.

Our Calgary team of professionally trained photographers and videographers know construction. They are trained to work safely on construction projects and will arrive equipped with safety boots, high visibility safety vests and hard hat. Every time we step on site, we will check in with security and review site orientation before beginning work. The best part is that we have the crew you need to get the job done in Calgary and other major city centers across Canada. You can provide us a list of all of your construction sites and we do the rest.

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There are a million things worth photographing on a construction site. Everything from documenting site progress to capturing great photos of the site supervisor, project manager and labour teams to specific details that highlight the quality of your work. The photos we take a perfect for your digital marketing and print platforms and look amazing in your boardroom.

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Aerial Drone

Shots from the sky are amazing for the construction industry. Aerial drones can provide shots that give the viewer samples of what their view will look like once high rise towers are complete. Drone photos also make for stunning visuals for platforms like Instagram where your clients and stakeholders may routinely visit. Whenever we fly, we always fly in accordance with the regulations set out by Transport Canada to ensure safe and legal flying practices.

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Time Lapse

Imagine being able to look back at the construction of your project in the course of just a couple of minutes. We work with the latest technology to capture between 500-700 images per day of your construction site only to then stitch the footage together to create a time lapse video that showcases the building of your project. Our cameras are built tough for construction and are able withstand the most challenging climates.

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Matterport 360 SCAN

If your stakeholders want to get a better look at how your construction site is progressing, or want to see the finished work before the final product is handed over to the client, then 360 scanning is a great option. 360 scanning allows online viewers the ability to step right inside your construction project to look around and see the location in great detail. 360 Scanning is powerful tool for capturing measurements and documenting progression throughout the build.

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There are a lot of great stories to be told on a construction site. Whether you are looking to create a corporate profile video or want to highlight a team or service that your company provides, video is a great option for you. Video helps you tell the story of how your construction process and company is unique in the industry.

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OTBx Air is proud to work provide a one-stop solution for construction companies looking to source talented photographers and videographers in major markets. Below are samples of some of our work.

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